Student Care

Student Care is our number 1 priority

All students have ready access to:

Class Tutor

The Tutor is the class teacher with responsibility for a class unit whose duties include;

  • Has responsibility for the Pastoral Care of each member of the class
  • Ensures that each student feels cared for
  • Develops an awareness of the needs of individual students
  • Motivates students and builds a sense of class pride
  • Monitors class progress and liaises with Yearhead
  • Rewards excellence and effort
  • Has responsibility for monitoring, recording and reporting to Attendance Officer on attendance records of students in his/her class
  • Counsels and disciplines students and refers them on where necessary
  • Communicates with parents
  • Consults regularly with Yearhead
  • Pays particular attention to standards of homework, punctuality, uniform, pupil files, reports and assessments
  • Encourages the work of Class Captains


The Yearhead forms part of the Middle Management system that relates specifically to parents. It is the role of the Yearhead to establish personal relationship with the students in his/her assigned Year. He/she is fully responsible for these students whose duties include;

  • Pays careful attention to every aspect of the year group, which contributes to the learning environment of the school
  • Supports Class Tutor and Class Teachers in the execution of their pastoral responsibilities
  • Organises and chairs Class Teacher Meetings
  • Liaises with students, teachers, parents and management
  • Takes action in consultation with others
  • Monitors and reviews progress of the year group
  • Helps to build a positive spirit
  • Discusses matters of concern
  • Acknowledges and rewards achievements
  • Leads Year Assembly in conjunction with the Principal
  • Gives a full report of main developments at weekly Yearhead Meeting
  • Consults with Principal/Deputy Principal on serious matters
  • Ensures that all college procedures and systems operate effectively in the year group

Assistant Yearhead

A member of staff whose role is specifically designed to assist the Yearhead in any area necessary.


Student Council

A Student’s Council (Junior/Senior) is in operation in our school. The Council involves a representative from each class. These representatives are democratically elected by their peers.

  • The duties of the Council are;
  • To represent the view of students.
  • To arrange regular meetings with Co-ordinator/teacher in attendance.
  • To act as class rep.
  • To report any irregularities to tutors.
  • To report on any damages etc. to the classrooms.
  • To liaise with other committees and groups in the school.