27th August 2021 Staff Planning Day
30th August 2021 School re-opens for first years
31st August 2021 Third, Sixth Year and LCA 2 attend
1st September 2021 First, Second, Third and Sixth Year attend
3rd September 2021 Leaving Certificate results. Third and Sixth Years in school only
6th September 2021 Fourth and Fifth Years return. All Students in attendance
15th September 2021 1 Hour Planning: Assessment and Reporting 3:15-4:15
7th October 2021 Staff Meeting 3:15-4:15
11th October 2021 Parent /Teacher meeting for Leaving Certificate students/LCA2 Online 4:15-6:45. Classes end at 3:40pm
19th October 2021 Parent/Teacher Meeting for Junior Certificate students – Online 4.15 – 6.45 pm. Classes end at 3:40pm
25th-29th October 2021 MID-TERM BREAK
1st November 2021 All students return from midterm break
3rd November 2021 Parent/Teacher Meeting for Fifth Year and LCA1 online
4.15 – 6.45 pm.
6th November 2021 Open Day 10am-12pm
8th-19th November 2021 Class Based Tests for Junior and Leaving Certificate Students
26th November 2021 3rd and 6th Year Reports made live to parents
6th-10th December 2021 Class Based Assessments for First and Second Year students commence
20th December 2021 1st, 2nd and Transition Year Reports made live to parents
17th , 20th ,21st and 22nd December 2021 Timetabled Term Examinations for Fifth Year students
22nd December 2021 CHRISTMAS CLOSING at 3:15pm
11th January 2022 5th Year Reports made live to parents
20th January 2022 First Year Parent/Teacher Meeting 4.15 – 6.45 pm***
26th January 2022 Second Year Parent/Teacher Meeting 4.15 – 6.45 pm***
1st February Staff Meeting 4:00-5:00pm
9th February 2022 Incoming 1st year Parents Subject Choice Night 3:30-6:00pm
14th-18th February 2022 Mock Exams Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate
21st-25th February 2022 MID-TERM BREAK
3rd March 2022 Third Year/TY Options Meeting with Parents***(Online)
10th March 2022 Transition Year Parent/Teacher Meeting 4.15 – 6.45 pm*** (Online)
17th & 18th March 2022 School closed-St. Patrick's Day
24th March 2022 SSE & SEN Inclusion-Dr. Joe O'Connell 3:15-4:45pm
28th March 2022 School closed to Staff & Students
29th March 2022 JC Whole Staff Day. School closed for students
30th March 2022 School Planning-SEN Inclusion training-All Staff 3:15-4:45pm
8th April 2022-22nd April 2022 EASTER CLOSING
25th April 2022 TERM 3 COMMENCES
26th April 2022 Staff Meeting (2 hours) 3:55-5:55pm
4th May 2022 Subject Planning for 2022/2023 3:15-4:45pm
10th May 2022 Annual Student Awards Ceremony
12th May 2022 Staff Meeting 3:15-4:15pm
19th May 2022(provisional) Transition Year Awards Ceremony
26th May 2022(provisional) Leaving Certificate Graduation Celebration
30th May 2022-3rd June 2022(provisional) Timetabled Examinations for First, Second and Fifth Years
3rd June 2022 END OF TERM 3
8th June 2022 Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Examinations commence

****The format of parent-teacher meetings from January 2022 will be directed by public health advice at the time. We will notify you closer to the time. Management reserve the right to alter dates where necessary.