Academic Excellence

Thanks to our highly effective teachers, our students’ attainment levels are way beyond the national averages at both Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle. We will have an Artist in Residency in school working with our students on the whole area of student voice and identity.

At Junior Cycle-
  • Assessment reforms have been fully embedded and teachers have spent the last five years ensuring they are fully trained in this area.

At Leaving Certificate
  • Our students continue to achieve significantly above the national averages in all subjects
  • All students progress to Third level education
  • Andrea Whyte, who recently featured in an Irish Times article discussing the challenges with the CAO system, achieved an outstanding 850 points in her leaving cert. Andrea believes that ‘Athlone Community College is an excellent school and I had excellent teachers. I felt proud of the work I’d put in and the fact I’d received no additional grinds or tuition outside of school.’ As a school we couldn’t be prouder of Andrea and her peers. Andrea is currently studying Pharmacy in Trinity College Dublin, having also successfully been offered Dentistry All students progress to Third level education
  • James Murphy, Ryan Rafferty, Michaela Quinn, Emily Dillon and Eoin Roche, who all scored in excess of 700 points, are all happily settling into their life in third level education. James Murphy stands out as a rare example of what it is to be considered a master in Mathematics. James scored a staggering 100% in his written Maths Leaving Certificate examination paper. Other students, like Ryan Rafferty were not far behind him with an amazing 599/600 marks for his written exam paper.
  • A high percentage of our student scored in excess of 600 and 500 points

Excellence in Maths

We are the only school in the local area to offer Applied Maths as an Optional Subject for Leaving Certificate.
This year alone, 25% of our Higher Level Maths students received a H1 in their written exam papers, which is considerably above the national average of just 15%. The talent and standard in Maths in both Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle in ACC is evident not only at the point of examination but also in the number of competitions our students enter and ultimately win.


Every year our students are successful in being awarded highly coveted scholarships. Their exceptional achievements are rewarded and acknowledged.
Our students regularly are awarded,
✦ The Naughton Scholarship
✦ UCD AD ASTRA Academic Scholarship
✦ All Ireland Scholarship Scheme (JP McManus Scholarship)
✦ Irish Taxation Institute Third Level Scholarship Programme
✦ RBK Scholarship
✦ Ericsson Bursary School Leavers
✦ Tormeys Scholarship