Academic Excellence

Thanks to our highly effective teachers, our students’ attainment levels are way beyond the national averages at both Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle. 

At Junior Cycle-
  • Assessment reforms have been fully embedded and teachers have spent the last six years ensuring they are fully trained in this area.

Junior Cycle Results 2023

At Leaving Certificate
  • We cannot possibly do justice to the Leaving Certificate Class of 2023. As Principal Mrs. Eileen Donohoe expressed, ‘We are tremendously proud of each and every one of our students. They are wonderful Ambassadors of our school and despite the upheaval of the last three years, their spirits never waned and they embraced all of what school life has to offer.’

  • We know that the Leaving Certificate is about much more than points but the outstanding achievements of a number of our students deserves mention. A staggering 36 % of our students scored in excess of 500 points, with 19 of these achieving more than 600 points. These incredible students succeeded in achieving H1s across the board in their subjects.

    Below is a little glimpse into the stellar students that have graced and continue to grace our halls.

    Academic Excellence

    What a great set of results for the class of 2023. We are so proud of each and every one of you. 70% distinctions for our LCAs. Over triple the National average with 25 H1s in Higher Level Maths. Over 36% above the national Average with 9 H1s in Applied Mathematics. Over 53% above the National Average in Computer Science and 21% and 11% above in Higher Level Irish and English. Our amazing students and teachers have shone this year again. 3 students with perfect scores 725 points and 9 over 625. 21 over 600 and a huge percentage over 500.

    Two students achieved an amazing 100% across the board in their Leaving Certificate Applied Exams. A further staggering 23 students achieved over 600 points with three of those, Shauna Loftus, Johanna Hughes and Zayna Ganly, going even further by receiving a perfect score of 7H1s in their Leaving Certificate Exams.

Leaving certificate results 2023

Scholarships 2023-2024

Every year our students are successful in being awarded highly coveted scholarships. Their exceptional achievements are rewarded and acknowledged.
Our students regularly are awarded,
✦ The Naughton Scholarship
✦ UCD AD ASTRA Academic Scholarship
✦ All Ireland Scholarship Scheme (JP McManus Scholarship)
✦ Irish Taxation Institute Third Level Scholarship Programme
✦ RBK Scholarship
✦ Ericsson Bursary School Leavers
✦ Tormeys Scholarship

Tierna Murray
Tierna attained the highest credits in the LCA examinations 2023 for this region, as determined by the State Examinations Commission.Tierna is the recipient of The Feargal Quinn Award which will be awarded in January 2024.

Bryan Armstrong & Wiktor Borkowski

Bryan Armstrong and Wiktor Borokowski were recently awarded Excellence Scholarships for NUIG. Both students achieved a perfect score in their Leaving Certificate and were on our Senior Maths Team who took part in the national finals.

Ellen McCabe
Ellen McCabe was also awarded the prestigious DCU Academic Scholarship in recognition for her outstanding Leaving Certificate results. Ellen was a wonderful student who excelled not just in the classroom but also on the hockey pitch.