Student Leadership & Support


A Student’s Council (Junior/Senior) is in operation in our school. The Council involves a representative from each class. These representatives are democratically elected by their peers

Student Council Members 2021/2022:

Council President: Sam Brooks

Vice President: George Mhitarjans

Senior Deputy President: Sneha Chhipa 

Junior Deputy President: Shashwat Somesh

Public Relations Officer: Oisin Johnston

Junior Mayor: Aoife Carrol

ISSU School Rep: Maeve Murphy

Student executive members: Ryan Dolan, Marcus Flanagan, Patrijia Rybakova

  • The duties of the Council are;

  • To represent the view of students.
  • To arrange regular meetings with Co-ordinator/teacher in attendance.
  • To act as class rep.
  • To report any irregularities to tutors.
  • To report on any damages etc. to the classrooms.
  • To liaise with other committees and groups in the school.
  • Student Contact:                   Teacher Contact:

Arcadia Creative Climate Website Winners 2022:

This project involved looking at what Athlone and the Arcadia Retail park might look like in 2050 with reference to environmental changes. The team were all part of the Student Council who conducted research, created a website and put together a video to showcase their entry. The second part of the competion was an interview where they really impressed the judges with their depth of knowledge realating to climate issues. 

Team Name - ACC Climate Caretakers

Team - Sam Brooks, Aoife Carroll, Shashwat Somesh, Ryan Dolan and Kristers Jonass

Website link:

Student Voice

We have a culture of student voice here in Athlone Community College. We are making strides in ensuring that Student voice is a core aspect of a young person’s educational experience in our school. We believe that for a child to truly be at the centre of their own learning, then they must be provided with opportunities to exercise their voice.

We have an extremely effective Student Council and Prefect system but we go beyond this to ensure that we ‘hear’ all voices.

We have Student Voice included in our curriculum as part of the learning modules in our Wellbeing Programme.

We have students as members of core Leadership Teams in the school, like our Teaching and Learning Team.

We have Student Representatives to our Board of Management

We have a Student in-house Media Team who run our entire Media Programme

Finally, we are currently in a cycle of school development focused on further enhancing the voices of all students. We are fully committed to catching all voices-we hear, we listen, we respond.

We are proud to say that we live up to our belief that, ‘Every student matters and every moment counts’

First Year Support System

We have a dedicated First Year Programme aimed at easing the transition from Primary school into Post-Primary school. This Programme begins by reaching out and engaging with our students while they are still in 6 th class to help ease them into making the transition to post-primary school

Our First Year Programme includes a first year specific Induction Programme where first year students attend school when no other year groups are present. This provides valuable time for your sons and daughters to grow comfortable in their new educational setting and to meet their peers and teachers in a relaxed environment.

Each first year group has a dedicated Yearhead and Assistant Yearhead. In addition to this, each student has an individual class tutor who caters for the pastoral and wellbeing needs of the class.

Each first year will have student support through an individual mentor who will guide and support your child as they progress through first year.

As a school we have a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities but we have designed a specific programme for first years to assist them in developing friendships and to discover what they enjoy and where they are happiest in school.

Student Wellbeing

We have a culture of student voice here in Athlone Community College. We believe that for a child to truly be at the centre of their own educational experience, then they must be provided with opportunities to exercise their voice. It is only by listening to our students, that we can fully appreciate what our students need and how we meet these needs.

Amber Flag

Local champion of positive mental health and past pupil Ray Connellan launches our Flag.

The Amber Flag was awarded in recognition of our school’s active promotion of positive mental health within our school community.

FUSE Badge school – Zero Tolerance to Bullying

We have received our FUSE Badge in recognition for taking part in an Anti-Bullying and Online Safety Programme, developed by the National Anti-Bullying Centre (ABC) at Dublin City University.

Career Guidance


  • Full time commitment required over 2 years.
  • 5th year is very important especially for those hoping to gain entry to high points courses.


  • An extra (8th) subject? – need to think very carefully about this as each LC subject is extensive and requires a lot of work. Big jump in standard from J.C.
  • Other subjects could suffer if workload is too great.
  • For points purposes best 6 subjects are counted.
  • LCVP – eligibility based on subjects chosen


Subject choice Presentation for Parents Click here to download.