Students are expected to present themselves in a neat and tidy manner and to be aware of the importance of personal hygiene.

Students must wear their full uniform daily. It creates a clear identity and promotes equality. It is an important aspect of our safety strategy in that students are easily identifiable when they are in the school building, grounds or school related activities. The school uniform is a symbol of our school. It is the public image of the school and each student has a responsibility to promote and uphold that image. Where students are going on excursions or where they are representing the school (e.g. matches, debates, drama trips) they are expected to present in full uniform.

Students not in full uniform will not be permitted to join the group.

All students must wear the following uniform in school or when representing the College in any activity


  • Navy trousers
  • Navy V neck jumper with College crest.
  • Light blue shirt, school tie.
  • Black shoes/ dark trainers.


  • Uniform skirt (Knee length) or tailored uniform trousers (available from Burgess or Fossal Athlone).
  • Navy round neck jumper with College crest. Check school shirt.
  • Navy tights/knee length socks.
  • Black shoes/dark trainers.

Physical Education Uniform

Compulsory for all First and Second Year Students:

Crested ¼ zip top and tapered sports pants (available from Fossals).Crested polo shirt (available from Fossals). Dark coloured runners.

Compulsory for all other year groups:

Black/navy tracksuit bottoms, leggings or joggers. Crested polo shirt (available from Fossals or through the school). Dark coloured runners.

Regulations regarding jewellery must be adhered to during P.E. classes and competitive games. School crested hoodies are available from school.